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I'm currently a research lead at Timaeus, a technical AI safety research organization working on developmental interpretability.

You can reach me by email: gwang24@gmail.com

Previous Work

(2023) Freelance, AI Research Engineer

  • Provided thought partnership and technical advice for early stage AI startups
  • Built an LLM-based recommendation system and chat interface for a consumer platform
  • Conducted the literature review, ideation, and technical diligence for building novel tools in AI generated music

(2021 - 2023) Intellimize, Software Engineer

  • Tech lead for a generative AI content suite
  • Migrated ML systems from Tensorflow 1 to Tensorflow 2
  • Led greenfield work for monitoring, automation, and tooling for MLops
  • Worked on customer performance monitoring and alert system

(2016 - 2021) University of Pennsylvania, Graduate Researcher/Master TA

  • Wrote a bunch of papers
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellow
  • Lead/co-organizer for math outreach programs

PhD Thesis

(2021) University of Pennsylvania:
A Cornucopia Of Labeled Diagrams And Their Generating Polynomials

ML Papers

(2024) The Developmental Landscape of In-Context Learning, ArXiv. J. Hoogland*, G. Wang*, M. Farrugia-Roberts, L. Carroll, S. Wei, D. Murfet
*equal contribution

Math Papers

Note: math papers don't do first/last authorship, all authors are listed alphabetically.

(2020) Locks Fit into Keys: A Crystal Analysis of Lock Polynomials, Annals of Combinatorics. G. Wang

(2020) Some conjectures on the Schur expansion of Jack polynomials, Journal of Combinatorics. P. Alexandersson, J. Haglund, and G. Wang

(2019) A cornucopia of quasi-Yamanouchi tableaux, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics. G. Wang

(2016) Enumerating quasi-Yamanouchi tableaux of Durfee size two, unpublished. G. Wang

(2016) Multilinear polynomials of small degree evaluated on matrices over a unital algebra, Linear algebra and its Applications. K. Cordwell and G. Wang

(2015) Effect of the Imaginary Part of the Refractive Index on Light Scattering by Spheres, Journal of the Optical Society of America A. G. Wang, A. Chakrabarti, and C. M. Sorensen

(2012) UV-Curable, High-Shear Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Derived from Acrylated Epoxidized Soybean Oil, The Journal of Adhesion. B. K. Ahn, J. Sung, N. Rahmani, G. Wang, N. Kim, K. Lease and X. S. Sun

Bonus content

  • Automated arbitrage in Magic: The Gathering Online
  • Quantitative sports betting
  • Game AI competitions
  • Game jams (see the Games tab!)